Advanced Oxidation and Disinfection with Ozone and UV

MAVOX® is a new generation of UV-based water treatment technology and combines several technologies into one machine. Used in a system with optimized filtration and flocculation, it represents the very last word in pool water treatment.

MAVOX® Ozone-UV combination technology

Advanced Oxidation and Disinfection with ozone and UV light

Achieving premium water quality has never been easier. Mavox offers a series of water treatment steps in one low-maintenance package:

  • Ozone
  • UV Disinfection
  • Hydroxyl Radicals (advanced oxidation process)
  • De-Ozonation

Integrated triple safeguards prevent ozone from reaching the swimmers and from building up in pump rooms. It is inherently fail-safe by design.

MAVOX® – ozone and UV systems are low-maintenance, easy to install and well-suited for retrofitting.

UV penetrates clear water better than turbid water. Optimized filtration with flocculation is the best way to keep the water crystal clear, but any well-functioning filter (turbidity >0.10 NTU) will suffice. Turbidity above 0.10 NTU signals water quality concerns, regardless if UV is being used or not.